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Resilience Energy Coaching

1674 W. Hill Road, Therapy Room 9



What is energy medicine?

It's not what we think of as medicine!

That's traditional (allopathic) medicine. If you need care from a medical doctor for medical diagnoses, please consult your medical doctor. 

Great! It's not allopathic medicine... but what is Energy Medicine in general and Eden Energy Medicine in particular?

The first part of Eden Energy Medicine is the energy.​

Energy is your life force! Flowing through your body, this life force impacts every cell, every process, every intricate structure of who you are and how you function, down to your DNA.

This life force of vitality and spirit, called qi in Chinese texts, prana in the Hindu religion, and ruach in the original Hebrew of the Book of Genesis, was referenced around two to three thousand years ago in the I Ching, the Chandogya Upanishad, and the Old Testament of the Bible -- but you don't need to be religious to affect your life force and help it grow, flow, and heal.

​The second part of Eden Energy Medicine is the medicine.​ Not allopathic medicine that you will get from going to your medical doctor! Eden Method is about checking and adjusting how your energy flows.

According to Eden Energy Medicine, our life force energy flows in distinct patterns through nine energy systems. Some systems flow like rivers, some spiral, and all of them are just as much a part of you as say, your liver or your blood vessels. There are plenty of people who can feel these systems with their hands, or see them with their eyes, but that is not necessary to be able to positively affect them in specific, intentional ways.

I think of learning Eden Energy Medicine as getting a "secret decoder ring" to understand information we all have, but don't all know how to read. And then, because we know the ways that energy might stop flowing, we can help it to regain optimum flow by enhancing those systems.

The bread-and-butter of Eden Energy Medicine is self-care of your energy systems.
Patterns change through attention and repeated practice. If you wanted to make your legs stronger for hiking, you'd spend time hiking; if you wanted your dog to learn how to play fetch, you'd spend time playing fetch. Sometimes people do use Eden Energy sessions the same way they'd use a massage session, because they are often relaxing and can feel deeply calming. That is not bad, per se, but those people are leaving power on the table (literally!) if they don't also do basic energy self-care as part of their lives, and the most basic self-care tool we have in Eden work is Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine.












The Daily Energy Routine helps energy flow down your body and into the ground, up from the earth and into your body, in crossover patterns that enhance health, into the organs that help your immune system, and can even help unscramble your emotions. Every time you do this routine, your establish more and more of a baseline pattern that supports health and stability.

And the last part of Eden Energy Medicine is, of course, Donna Eden.

Donna is a very gifted healer who could always see energy, but she didn't explore healing with it until she herself was very ill with Multiple Sclerosis in her late 20s. Five doctors in a row told her that she would die, and to get her affairs in order. But Donna had two young daughters, she wanted to live, and she decided to try to move the energy that she could see was stuck in her body.


Two years later, after a lot of self care, she was completely healed.


And then she decided to find out what she'd done! She learned about all of the energy systems used in different healing traditions, and because she could see them and feel them with her hands, she was able to both use existing healing techniques that others developed through the millennia, and create some new techniques herself.


And after working with thousands of clients, she began to teach her methods. Donna believes it is paramount to communicate directly with the body, and she teaches how to do so; she believes everyone can use self-help to nurture their energy and feel joy; and she believes that every person, no matter how unlikely they may seem, has healing ability right in their hands.

If you would like to experience an Eden Energy Session with me, please call or email!

Cheryl Maddalena

Resilience Energy Coaching


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