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Resilience Energy Coaching

1674 Hill Road, Therapy Room 9



What are online energy coaching sessions like?


If you're like me, you're wondering how anyone could do energy work without being in the room! And the truth is, every practitioner I've ever met has a different online style. Let me tell you about mine.


Just like an in-person session, I'll ask you what your goals are. And then, depending on how energy sensitive you are, we will mostly use the following tools:


-- EFT Acupressure Tapping

EFT tapping is very easy to do online. You will identify something that feels stuck, rate it 0-10, and we will tap together on the main EFT acupressure points to help that stuck feeling release.


-- Energy Balancing Using Eden Energy Medicine Techniques

There are two ways I incorporate the many, many, Eden Energy techniques I know into our sessions. Some clients are able to energy test themselves at home, and for those clients I will instruct you how to test for different imbalances, and how to balance them then and there using your own hands. However, even clients who can't energy test themselves can describe their experiences! And in those cases, the experience usually suggests what is out of balance. We will then do those balancing techniques together, and when the experience feels better we know the applied technique was a fit.


-- Guided Spiritual Meditation

Many clients, especially those whose difficulties are in the spiritual zone (ancestry, past life, absorbed emotions and patterns that are not originally your own), find guided spiritual meditation to be very effective in establishing new systemic balance. These areas are clearly the farthest areas from traditional science! But we come to them the same basic way, by asking you where you can feel an imbalance in your body. Then, I guide a meditation in the style of Cyndi Dale's more recent meditation offerings. At the end, we re-focus on your area of interest and notice how it has improved.

For energy sensitive clients, online energy coaching sessions with me can be profound and productive. But for clients who do not feel energy, you may do better with another online energy practitioner. 

Similarly to in-person energy coaching sessions, I will give you homework to help shift your baseline patterns. These homeworks usually include simple techniques from Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine, and whatever techniques were most productive to your goals that we used in session.

Call or email to set up your online energy coaching appointment!

Cheryl Maddalena

Resilience Energy Coaching


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