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Resilience Energy Coaching

1674 W. Hill Road, Therapy Room 9



What is in-person Eden Energy work like?

First step: Call or e-mail to schedule, fill out paperwork.

I will send you voluminous paperwork through my patient portal. There will be consent forms! Credit card information! And a brief questionnaire. And you will also be able to select for automated appointment reminders.

Then we meet in person! Sessions are usually weekly or biweekly until your goals are achieved.

We both show up at our appointment time at 1674 W Hill Rd, Therapy Room 9. You might be familiar with the building, which people usually call The Yoga Tree Building, at Hill and Bogus Basin.

When you arrive, I'll check in.

How are things going? What would you like to work on? If we've met before, did you do your energy exercises? Did they seem to help?

Next, we will "qualify" an energy test for you.

There are a number of ways to do this, but each one simply gives a firm response if energy is flowing, and a "give" response if energy is not flowing. Sometimes energy does not want to be tested, but never fear, then we just treat your system gently and generally, using your verbal feedback to know what is helpful and how much.

Then we'll do some checks of your basic energy systems.

Is energy flowing through your feet? If not, we will correct with an exercise, and re-test. Is your energy crossing over? If not, we correct and re-test.

After a few of these checks, we will usually get you on the table for the Quickie Energy Balance. This is a series of procedures designed to get your energy spaces open and energy moving. Most people find this part incredibly relaxing.

As the session continues on, we may find imbalances through energy testing, and use one of the many techniques from my three years of training to bring them into balance. I usually ask for feedback, like, "how's that feel?" or "what are you noticing?" so that we can learn together your energetic language.

And at the end, we will check in on what has improved, and give you energetic homework to stabilize any gains you have made and help you continue to feel better and better throughout your days. That's it!

Cheryl Maddalena

Resilience Energy Coaching


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